Menu Screens

Tutorial we want the select screen to be shown as a cross section of the planet. Each underground cave is a level, the cave will be lit up when that level has been completed.

If the cursor moves over the cave it will display the caves name and either completed or not completed, the points for completing that level.

The player will be able to re-try a level they have completed, to try and beat their last score. Clicking on the level will select the level to start.

For the tutorial the highest caves are linked by cracks to the lower caves of the same type, EG. Digging Beginners leads to digging Basic which leads to digging advanced.


There is a select your player screen.

This is a view of the bridge with all the rock raiders team, visible in separate parts, sitting at a console etc (star trek like) If you move over a unit, they animate (they turn and face you, they stand up etc) they can say something like

INTERFACE Main GAME The Font is the old font not the new LCD font.

The text window at the bottom of the screen is too low and the text overlaps the border. The tutorial section should have next and repeat icons. Next will pause the game until the next button was clicked.

The air supply graphic should not be on there. We can not have the Text ‘AIR’ on screen.

The tabs button on the left hand side, should be lower, the window from this should be resting directly on top of the text window at the bottom of the screen (not over-lapping) We need a TAB icon on the left side for Floor tiles starting to be eroded.

The top right hand corner panel, is too wide, there is a big gap in the panel, it should be more to the right hand side. The info should be a ? The ? should be a appropriate graphic, and it doesn’t go into the options screen as it should it goes into Pause mode?

The collected power Crystals should all be the same colour not blue and green. The centre on base icon at the bottom left of the screen does not highlight when you move over it. The option ambient light moved up to full did not increase the ambient light (or not enough, this

needs to be increased) Where the slider bar is for

TUTORIAL DIG - 1 The icon for dig was flashing, but no rock raider figure popped out to point to the Icon.